Our Trusted Peer Collaboration Groups are a dynamic, focused initiative designed to enhance your decision-making capabilities and enrich your professional journey in 2024. Consisting of 7-8 members, each group is uniquely tailored to support your most pressing or challenging initiatives in collaboration with self-selected, forward-thinking, and highly motivated peers.  

Here's how it works:


Common Goals, Diverse Minds

Each group comprises professionals working on similar programming, giving participants access to a rich tapestry of relevant perspectives and experiences. 


Efficient, Structured Meetings

We convene a maximum of four times over a 4-5 month period. After our initial meeting, the group collectively decides the schedule for the remaining sessions. This cadence is designed to maximize engagement and effectiveness within a compact timeframe.


Commitment to the Vision

To ensure fairness and group integrity, we ask that each member commits to attending at least three of the four meetings. This small-group format intensifies focus and fosters deeper connections.


Practical Insights and Networking

These gatherings are more than just meetings; they're opportunities to exchange playbooks, best practices, and even learn from common pitfalls. And, crucially, they're a springboard for building a network that you can collaborate with long after the sessions conclude.


Real-World Value and Systemic Change

Our objective is to create a platform that not only addresses immediate challenges but also propels innovative problem-solving and strategic development.

The Connex Advantage


Intimate and Honest Environment

Our sessions are akin to a gated community – close-knit, focused, and governed by openness and reciprocity.


Expertise at Your Fingertips

Leverage the collective wisdom and expertise of your peers, cutting across geographies and organizations. This is your space for honest collaboration on issues shaping the future of HR.


A Commitment to Your Time and Growth

At Connex, we understand the value of your time. We are dedicated to delivering tangible, exclusive benefits derived from our extensive network and decade-long engagement with senior HR executives and thought leaders.


Fresh Perspectives, Proven Strategies

Our extensive network ensures that the insights you gain are not just current but also strategically sound, helping you stay ahead in your field.


Building a Systematic Leadership Pipeline

Elevate your approach to cultivating a robust leadership pipeline. In today's fast-paced and competitive market, identifying and nurturing high potentials is compounded by labor shortages and shifting employee expectations. Our Peer Collaboration Sequence prepares you to:

  • Implement cutting-edge systems for precise identification and development of HiPo leaders, ensuring alignment with evolving leadership competencies.
  • Foster cross-functional leadership experiences, including rotational programs, to enrich HiPo organizational acumen and adaptability.
  • Harness the power of virtual mentorship and networking, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to bolster leadership growth, particularly in remote work settings.
  • Apply scenario-based succession planning strategies, scalable and reflective of real-world business complexities.
  • Maximize resources with cost-efficient e-learning platforms and digital collaboration tools, a smart investment in your leadership future.
Recapturing the Spirit of DEI by Prioritizing Inclusivity

Reinvent your DEI strategy to stay ahead of the evolving landscape, preempt emerging social and political critiques, and set your business apart in the competition for talent by prioritizing inclusivity, equity, and a commitment to diverse perspectives. Our Peer Collaboration Sequence prepares you to:

  • Actively involve employees in shaping inclusivity policies, ensuring these initiatives are impactful and resonate company-wide.
  • Secure leadership commitment through an airtight business case and intentional resource allocation to ensure the longevity and integration of inclusivity efforts.
  • Implement authentic, multi-dimensional inclusivity programs, combating perceptions of window dressing and fostering genuine inclusivity.
  • Develop powerful training programs using VR and AR technologies, offering immersive and scalable learning experiences.
  • Expand your DEI focus, including emerging priorities like neurodiversity, for a truly inclusive workplace.
  • Tailor flexible inclusivity strategies to various team and regional dynamics, enhancing overall effectiveness.
  • Leverage community partnerships and existing platforms for resource-efficient DEI initiatives.
Centering HR Strategy around Talent Retention

In the era of systemic HR, making retention the cornerstone of your strategy is key. Our Peer Collaboration Sequence helps you forge an integrated approach with developmental and engagement touchpoints throughout the talent lifecycle:

  • Craft innovative engagement strategies that simultaneously address multiple aspects of the talent lifecycle - rewards, career progression, mentorship, and growth opportunities.
  • Align career pathing, work-life balance, and professional development opportunities with the diverse aspirations of your employees to enhance satisfaction and reduce turnover.
  • Enhance onboarding processes for seamless integration of new hires, ensuring a lasting and engaging start.
  • Recognize and nurture middle performers alongside high potentials, strengthening your team's overall performance.
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to proactively identify employee turnover risks, customize to account for regional and demographic differences, and ensure scalability. 
  • Regularly share retention success stories and metrics to reinforce the value of these strategies to skeptics.
Planning for a Digital Future in HR

The introduction of new automation technologies and generative AI (GenAI) marks a pivotal moment in HR necessitating significant behavioral change, structural redesign, and new approaches to resource allocation. Our Peer Collaboration Sequence is strategically designed to guide you through these transitions and prepare you to:

  • Promote a digital-first mindset among HR professionals, emphasizing critical upskilling in GenAI and data analytics.
  • Develop a comprehensive digital transformation roadmap, ensuring your HR processes are in lockstep with technological advancements.
  • Lead a cultural shift towards digital transformation in HR, focusing on training, upskilling, and change management for a smooth transition.
  • Overcome resource constraints in digital initiatives by prioritizing high-impact technologies and cost-effective digital solutions.
  • Address ethical and privacy concerns in HR technology to build a foundation of trust and ensure compliance.
  • Achieve a harmony between automation efficiency and personalized employee experiences in HR processes.
Global HR Alignment and Strategy

Global HR leaders face the multifaceted challenge of fostering uniformity and regional customization, aligning business values across varied cultures and geographies, and operating under rigorous cost controls. Our Peer Collaboration Sequence offers strategic solutions to:

  • Implement global change management frameworks to ensure smooth adoption of new HR strategies and technologies in diverse regions.
  • Utilize cloud-based HR systems for consistent, efficient global talent management, ensuring compliance in different jurisdictions and addressing resource disparities. 
  • Develop culturally competent HR policies and communication systems that respect local customs and practices, enhancing global cohesion, collaboration, and inclusivity. 
  • Navigate international labor laws and regulations to ensure legal compliance and minimize risks.
  • Foster global employee engagement through inclusive practices and connection to company culture.
  • Highlight successful global initiatives as case studies to illustrate the value of a unified global HR strategy. 
Total Rewards and Retention Strategy

An effective total rewards and retention strategy must balance fiscal responsibility with a compelling employee value proposition. Our Peer Collaboration Sequence is designed to help you address the evolving expectations of a multigenerational workforce amid changing market conditions:

  • Develop personalized benefits platforms using AI, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of a multigenerational workforce.
  • Drive behavioral change in the organization to align with new reward systems, focusing on transparent communication and stakeholder engagement.
  • Surface, isolate, and address disparities to maintain fairness and morale, enhancing perceptions of equity.
  • Leverage employee feedback tools for continuous adaptation and communication of the total rewards strategy.
  • Integrate real-time compensation analysis tools to dynamically adjust reward structures in line with market trends, promote objectivity, and eliminate bias. 
  • Introduce cost-effective, non-financial rewards like flexible work arrangements and recognition programs.
  • Clearly communicate the comprehensive value of the total rewards package, linking it to individual and organizational success.
Future-Focused: Managing a Diverse, Mobile, and Multigenerational Workforce

Prepare for the future by embracing and leveraging the multiplicity of the emerging workforce. Our Peer Collaboration Sequence prepares you to focus on agile workforce strategies, digital tools, and inclusive policies to meet evolving employee needs:

  • Forecast demographic shifts and assess their impact on workforce diversity using AI.
  • Design and implement effective, generation-specific career development and retention strategies, ensuring that every employee feels valued, understood, and motivated within the organization.
  • Focus on work-life balance, flexible work arrangements, and mental health by combining targeted services and with digital tools that can seamlessly factor the needs of a diverse, remote employee population.
  • Bridge generational gaps through targeted communication strategies, intergenerational dialogue, and mutual or peer-to-peer learning opportunities.
  • Deploy social listening and other engagement techniques to understand the work expectations and values of various generations and develop policies that balances them with business goals.
Mission, Values, and Cultural Transformation

Aligning organizational culture with mission and values is crucial for long-term success, employee engagement, and authenticity. Our Peer Collaboration Sequence supports your efforts to  succeed in an era defined by increased employee scrutiny, competition for labor, and the transparency afforded by social media:

  • Develop employee advocacy programs that involve employees in the company's mission and values, fostering ownership and acceptance, especially during times of change.
  • Create behavioral transformation initiatives that align with the organization’s mission and convert abstract values into concrete, actionable behaviors in everyday operations.
  • Use AI and intelligent analytics for a thorough analysis of employee behaviors and their alignment with organizational values and culture, identify gaps, and facilitate improvement.
  • Tackle resource limitations in cultural initiatives by adopting scalable digital platforms for continuous, scalable engagement accessible to all employees.
  • Handle personal and organizational value conflicts through open dialogue and inclusive decision-making, ensuring transparency and cultural durability. 

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