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Executives Trust Connex

Connex is America’s #1 invite-only network of C-level HR and healthcare decision-makers. Our network gives its members access to exclusive peer-to-peer networking opportunities that help them shape their industries and careers. 

We understand your time is precious. That’s why we only suggest the resources, industry partners and events that benefit your role and the needs of your organization. We also understand flexibility is key. That’s why Connex members gather to share leading insights through tight-knit think tanks and other events both online and in person, opportunities that are entirely tailored to your unique requirements.

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View From Our Network

“The biggest benefit of my membership with Connex is that I now have more time in my day to do the things I need to do rather than solve individual problems that other members can help me with.”

Kerry Gillespie, CFO, Intermountain Healthcare

“We are going through a huge transformation so it’s been great to be with Connex. I can meet with peers from other companies who are facing the same problems. I get more time back in my day because I can get fresh ideas from my colleagues."

Simone Martins, HR Head, Alcon

“I appreciate the invaluable use of Connex’s time in truly understanding my needs. If I were to go out on my own I don’t think I would have found the level of professionalism, integrity, and quality of vendor relationship.”

Garland Goins, Director of Revenue & Documentation Integrity, Duke University Health System

“Like every other leader I am bombarded with requests, time is precious but Connex does all the heavy lifting for me. They vet vendors and they spend time with them, they know them. It cuts out a lot of noise and saves me a lot of time. It’s very efficient.”

Seth McColley, VP Human Resources, Kirby-Smith Manufacturing

“You kiss a lot of frogs in business to find your prince, but the preparation from Connex means you don’t have to. Connex does the hard work for you.”

Alan Wild, HR (Employee Relations & Employee Engagement) IBM

“I’ve been able to deepen the relationships with people I met in think tanks and we’ve been able to tackle specific issues pertinent to my sector. Those one-on-one relationships have truly proven to be so beneficial for me and the care of my patients.”

Kimberly Montes, Corporate Compliance & Chief Clinical Officer, Curahealth & Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospitals

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