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Introducing Inside CHRO and Healthcare C-suite, exclusively created by Connex.

It’s no secret how much our HR and healthcare landscapes are evolving. Our magazines are carefully curated to dive deep into key industry challenges, with plenty of unique takeaways you can implement into your own strategies. Stay ahead of the curve with insightful interviews from industry leaders - plus much more.

Inside CHRO

A must-read for all HR and human capital executives.

Uncovering exclusive insights from across the Human Resources landscape, Inside CHRO is the ultimate magazine for HR decision-makers. From performance management to total rewards to DEI strategy, Inside CHRO delivers a unique, global perspective to help shape our workplace future.

Inside CHRO - ISSUE 4

Featuring a wealth of senior HR content, Issue 4 of Inside CHRO includes insights from leaders at PwC, BOK Financial, Allspring Global Investments and more, covering a range of key topics from DEI to DEX. 

  • Hear from Leah Houde, Chief Learning Officer at PwC, as she reveals how PwC have harnessed the power of a Digital Employee Experience (DEX) to overcome today’s pressing labor challenges. 
  • Get the full lowdown on 2023’s hugely successful Connexion event. 
  • Discover how thought leaders are successfully implementing DEI principles into their enterprise framework.
Inside CHRO - ISSUE 3

This issue focuses on all things performance management. From exploring the benefits of branching away from numerical performance management to discovering key pointers on mastering employee relationship strategies, there’s a lot to unpack. 

  • Exclusive interviews with HR thought leaders at MGM Resorts, Continental and more. 
  • Explore new performance management models that deliver benefits for both employer and employee. 
  • Hear from Chief People Officer Rachael Kelly, as she shares how trauma-informed leadership helps create a psychologically safe environment where employees and employers are equally receptive to feedback.
Inside CHRO - ISSUE 2

Featuring exclusive interviews with HR executives at Xerox, JP Morgan Chase and other leading organizations, this issue hones in on all things DEI. From building people-centric strategies to showcasing how neurodiverse hires can help boost team success, there are plenty of insights to gain. 

  • Discover how DEI pioneers at Xerox built a safe space for employees to discuss ‘taboo’ topics - and how this has benefited their overall culture. 
  • Explore how to move away from traditional DEI models, with key pointers on building an employee-led, people-centric strategy. 
  • Hear directly from JP Morgan Chase’s Head of Neurodiversity, on the unique benefits neurodiverse employees can provide.
  • Hear from Chief People Officer Rachael Kelly, as she shares how trauma-informed leadership helps create a psychologically safe environment where employees and employers are equally receptive to feedback.
Inside CHRO - ISSUE 1

Download our first ever issue of Inside CHRO, where we interview best-selling author Ken Blanchard. Also featuring insights from leaders at Salesforce and Refresh Mental Health, this issue sets the tone for all future CHRO editions. 

  • Ken Blanchard reveals exclusive tips from over 40 years in the industry, sharing why he believes “we couldn’t be in a better industry than we are now.”
  • Uncover the benefits of using intentionality to transform the management of remote teams. 
  • In our ever-competitive labor market, we discuss how to counteract our tough recruitment crisis. 
HealthCARE C-Suite

Uncover cutting-edge insights in healthcare leadership.

Healthcare C-suite is a must-read for all healthcare leaders. Delivering actionable insights for key decision makers, Healthcare C-suite provides a unique and forward-thinking perspective on pressing topics within the healthcare space.

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HealthCARE C-Suite - ISSUE 3

Issue 3 uncovers key insights from our hugely successful 2023 Connexion events, in which healthcare and HR leaders came together to network and discuss key industry challenges. We also dive into new revenue opportunities and talk all things patient access goals with healthcare leader Kalan Blair. 

  • Get all key takeaways from our 2023 Connexion event panels and think tank sessions. 
  • Unpack potential revenue opportunities regarding SDoH Risk Assessments. 
  • Discover actionable strategies you can use to navigate current payer challenges, with key insights from Kalan Blair of Louisiana Children’s Medical Center (LCMC).
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HealthCARE C-Suite - ISSUE 2

Focusing on telehealth and utilizing digital tools to expand the continuum of care, this issue delves deep into how technology is transforming the healthcare industry as we know it - and how you can stay ahead of the curve. 

  • Access in-depth articles on how to use technology to improve patient care and deliver a hospital-at-home experience. 
  • Exclusive interviews with healthcare executives from Houston Methodist Hospital and other leading organizations.
  • Hear from Kerry Gillespie, Chief Revenue Officer at Intermountain Healthcare, on how AI and automation technologies can help address current labor shortfalls.
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HealthCARE C-Suite - ISSUE 1

Access our first ever issue of Healthcare C-suite, where we discuss how to improve revenue cycle performance - alongside navigating today’s ongoing healthcare labor challenges by utilizing data. 

  • Access insightful interviews healthcare leaders at Visier, Prospect Medical Holdings, and other leading organizations.
  • Unpack how to truly make a difference with your data, with key insights on how to use it to optimize your labor strategy. 
  • Delve into the reality of why ‘checking boxes’ doesn’t go far enough to improve employee experience.