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Connect with HR and healthcare decision-makers through qualified referrals

Solution Partners Rely on Connex

Our partners have access to some of the world’s leading HR and healthcare executives who need your solutions to optimize their workforces. With qualified referrals and tailored support to help you cultivate awareness of your services - Connex can bring you unparalleled success.

Connex has a deep and established community that is 20 years in the making. That means our partners, of which we have over 100, have the ability to connect with senior HR and healthcare executives across the US through a host of facilitated opportunities, including events, virtual and in-person meetings.

We aren’t simply a referral service – our consultative approach reaches way beyond that. We give you access to unmatched support to help you sharpen your value proposition. From sales coaching to providing results-driven feedback on member meetings, we help you elevate your growth, drive deals and guide you each step of the way.


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“Connex has a brilliant delivery mechanism. They’ve been helping us develop our marketing strategy and sales proposition. During this time of crisis, Connex matches us very well buyers who need us.”

Maureen Metcalf, CEO & Founder, The Innovative Leadership Institute

“One of the CFOs at one of the hospitals I met with rode with me in a taxi afterward. I said to him: ‘If I hadn’t have met you here, how would I have met you?’And he said: “You’d have never met me.’”

Mark Wagner, president, Kiwi-Tek

“Connex helped us generate $2.4 million into our pipeline so we are ecstatic with our relationship with them and are looking for it to be a long-lasting one!”

Aaron Garner, Marketing & Business Development Executive, Creative Healthcare Management

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Connex Partners enjoy a range of benefits, from shorter sales cycles to powerful networking opportunities.