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The Value of Our Network

A global health crisis has changed the way we work forever. C-suite roles across multiple verticals are attempting to reimagine rewards and well-being strategies, tackle catastrophic gaps in talent and keep workforces profitable, among other challenges. It’s no small task.

All of this makes it near impossible for HR leaders to connect with the right partners. Their time is limited. And connecting with the right senior decision-makers is only part of the challenge for partners. Communicating a value proposition that appeals to hard-to-reach senior HR executives is crucial. You won’t get another chance to pitch to these professionals, so getting it right the first time is essential.

By becoming a Solution Partner with Connex, you’ll not only have access to a network of senior decision-makers who are ready to act. You’ll also have the option, if required, to access our invaluable consultancy services too. Our tailored guidance and coaching will help you refine your sales proposition, deliver your message to more of the people that matter and, ultimately, meet your sales targets faster.

Change the future of HR with us, starting today.


How Connex Can Help

Network with our exclusive community of senior HR prospects looking for ground-breaking solutions to their enterprise-level challenges.

Our flexible approach to networking means you’ll have the opportunity to connect to leaders in human capital management in a variety of ways – via a combination of in-person and virtual meetings. This ultimately allows you to achieve the highest possible closing rates.

We are much more than a referral partner. Solution Partners have exclusive access to deep business intelligence as well as expert coaching on market positioning, messaging and pitching. In fact, for our 100 plus partners, joining the Connex network is a credible and cost-effective alternative to building a new sales team or using more traditional marketing methods.

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Our members

Access Key Decision-Makers


Drive Qualified Referrals

Connect with senior HCM prospects like CHROs on the hunt for innovative HR solutions.


Generate Awareness

Cultivate awareness and demand for services that will drive transformation in the HR landscape.


Close New Business

Learn how to master the art of pitching to effectively close deals and opportunities.


Shorten Sales Cycles

Develop a qualified business pipeline that supports business growth and facilitates overall revenue targets.

Demonstrate Credibility

Effectively communicate your key value proposition in ways that appeal to senior HR audiences.

Differentiate Your Offering

Sell your services into large HR functions to drive growth while differentiating your business.

Become a Partner Today

Join more than 100 partners unlocking sales success with Connex

Connex Partners enjoy a range of benefits, from shorter sales cycles to powerful networking opportunities.

View From Our Partners

“Connex has a brilliant delivery mechanism. They’ve been helping us develop our marketing strategy and sales proposition. During this time of crisis, Connex matches us very well with buyers who need us.”

Maureen Metcalf, CEO & Founder, The Innovative Leadership Institute

“One of the CFOs at one of the hospitals I met with rode with me in a taxi afterward. I said to him: ‘If I hadn’t have met you here, how would I have met you?’And he said: 'You’d have never met me.' "

Mark Wagner, President, KIWI-TEK

“Connex helped us generate $2.4 million into our pipeline so we are ecstatic with our relationship with them and are looking for it to be a long-lasting one!”

Aaron Garner, Marketing & Business Development Executive, Creative Healthcare Management

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Benefits of becoming a Connex Solution Partner

Learn more about becoming a Solution Partner. From strategic guidance and coaching to support with building brand awareness, our network goes far beyond referrals. 

Access Senior Decision-Makers

Explore how becoming a Connex Solution Partner can provide opportunities to connect with our established network of senior decision-makers in the Human Resources industry.


Increase Brand Engagement

Grow your brand awareness while engaging with senior leaders in HR through tailored access to events, special content and other exclusive networking opportunities.


Human Capital Partner Content Program

Discover the benefits of becoming a Connex Solution Partner, including exclusive access to senior HR decision-makers ready to act and tailor-made solutions to optimize business growth