Our Approach

Connex creates knowledge sharing networks. We focus on bringing together two types of people:

  1. Members - Market-leading professionals and corporate leaders who use our platform to leverage each other’s experience and share thoughts and insights on their markets
  2. Partners - Innovators, problem solvers and disruptors who introduce new ideas, solutions and different ways of thinking

The aim of our networks is to maximize productivity and progress for the people within them.

By leveraging the knowledge of your peers, who can relate to your challenges and share their experiences, we create a powerful resource to call upon. Combine this with insights from leading consultants and innovators in your space, and the results can be transformational.

We continually challenge the members and partners in our networks to think about how they work, the way their companies operate and what is shaping the future of their industry.

We believe we can only ever be as good as the quality of people we bring togetherand this is how we measure our success.