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The investments industry is constantly transforming and evolving. With our membership networks, you don’t have to problem-solve on your own, as investments leaders share insights, lessons learned, successful strategies, and innovations.

Our peer networks are comprised of and serve the senior leadership of successful companies across the nation.

As a member, we give you a safe space to discuss the challenges that are plaguing you. You have the opportunity to bring issues to your peers, many of whom have implemented (or chosen not to implement) strategies that you’re currently evaluating. This means you’ll get candid insights on best practices and pitfalls for issues you’re facing from people who have been there before, the kind of information that you won’t find by scouring the internet.


“We have been able to do some great think tanks with the pensions, endowments, family offices coming together in a closed door setting. Which has really opened up a conversation that in most cases, you wouldn’t be able to build that type of dialogue with a broader audience, or without that level of experience in the room. ”
—Timothy Smith, President, Petro Lucrum 

Our members span many sectors of the investments industry:

  • Foundations/Endowments
  • Corporate & Public Pensions
  • Family Offices

As members, C-level and senior executives have a powerful resource at their disposal: the combined knowledge and experience of peers. Insights gained from leading executives and innovators in your space can be transformational.

Topics discussed by peer groups across the sectors are suggested by members themselves, addressing the most pressing issues currently facing investments executives.

Our members have recently collaborated on the below questions, and other similar issues that need to be addressed across all industries and verticals.

1. How Should the Institutional Investments Industry React to the Geopolitical Market Environment Prognosis?

The uncertainty that has been created by the current political climate has raised a number of worries, including the possibility of a recession and rising interest rates. Either one of these issues by themselves could have a major impact on the investment environment, and if the issues intertwine, then the impact to investments could be much stronger and more significant. In order to make wise investment decisions, investors must focus on some specific concerns.

Our members have taken this issue head on, tackling the important questions such as, what is happening in fiscal policy and spending? What are the next steps for central banks? Playbooks compiled by peers if there is a recession and assets are cheap? How do we guard against or take advantage of opportunities created by the current political administration?

2. An Astute Approach to Risk in Uncertain Times

As strong as quantitative risk management tools have become, effective risk management often collapses around behavioral or qualitative risk factors at the committee level. Volatility, tracking error, timeframe, inflation, liquidity and peer comparisons all impact the decisions committees make, and varying prioritization of these risks equate to vastly different outcomes.

"Many times, new allocations are simply 'versions' of existing allocations in different wrappers. Those are most likely not worthy investments," shared Katherine Nixon, a member of the Connex Partners Investments Network and the Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Wealth Management at Northern Trust.

Explore with peers how committees express their risk preferences and how varying definitions of risk can impact measures of portfolio success.

3. Debate the Secret Sauce Behind Manager Selection

Manager selection is a crucial step in the implementation of an investment program. Managers act as agents and are then expected to perform to the best of their abilities and in the investor's best interests. Investors must practice due diligence when selecting portfolio managers.

Hear from peers about how they develop selection criteria for managers, as well as the skill sets and personality types to look out for, and discuss key metrics and KPIs to measure success.

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