Institutional Investors Sector Meeting
Oct. 20-21, 2019
Dallas, Texas

Collaborate with the Sharpest Asset Owners in the World

Why attend?


Most asset owners have similar goals, but the very brightest investment officers do not march in lockstep. Over the course of two days in Dallas, collaborate with your peers to explore strategies and tactics to achieve portfolio objectives.

The Institutional Investors Meeting is open by invitation only to executives from similar investment organizations to your own. Explore the pros and cons of asset allocation models, risk management strategies, and decision making structures with the cream of the crop.



We give you a totally bespoke experience. Panels, roundtables, presentations, fund managers are all available for your consideration. The people leading presentations and panels are exclusively investment officers like you. There are no paid speakers pitching from a podium. There is no gauntlet of sponsors vying for attention while you walk from a presentation room to get a cup of coffee. Before you step foot in Dallas we will help you create a unique customized itinerary focused only on issues and topics relevant to you NOW. 

Time and intellectual capacity are the two most valuable resources that you have.
Spend two days with us and gain a maximum of the latter while investing a minimum of the former.


“I have been participating in Connex Partners for years, and I encourage my team leads to participate as well. The caliber of participants, the structure of the itinerary, the focus on topics and areas that matter, combine to make Connex and the Sector Meetings a fantastic source of market insight."

  - Tom Tull, CIO, Employees Retirement System of Texas


General Sessions & Panel Discussions

Create powerful professional relationships 

Peer-to-Peer Networking

Collaborate with executives and grow your peer-to-peer community

Asset Manager Meetings

Connect with asset manager partners who are vetted for your specific needs


Think Tanks

Closed-door, peer-only conversations designed to elicit candid answers and strategies

Featured Participants

  • Director of Investments
    Verizon Investment Management
  • Chief Investment Officer
    North Dakota Retirement & Investment Office
  • Chief Investment Officer
    SMM Healthcare
  • Chief Investment Officer
    Phillips Academy
  • Investment Director
    University of Notre Dame
  • Chief Investment Officer
    Alaska Permanent Fund
  • Director of Investments
    Tulane University
  • Chief Investment Officer
    Louisiana Workman's Comp
  • Director of Investments
    Chicago Policeman's Annuity and Benefit Fund
  • Vice President of Investments
    Texas A&M Foundation
  • Chief Investment Officer
    Employee Retirement System of Texas
  • Deputy Chief Investments Officer
    Fire & Police Pension Association of Colorado
  • Chief Investment Officer & Director of Finance
    Archdiocese of Hartford

General Sessions

Analyzing Trends in Relative Asset Class Returns  |  David Marcus, CIO, Stony Brook Foundation

Rethinking Asset Allocation  |  Scott Stone, SVP & CIO, Pentegra Retirement Services

Going Where Banks Won’t - Private Credit  |  Kevin Edwards, Senior Investment Director, Hartford HealthCare

Active or Passive Management, which is Better? It Depends...  |  Patrick Fleming, CIO, State of Wyoming

Panel Discussions

"State of the Union": The Geopolitical Prognosis for the Year to Come

  • War in the middle east? 
  • Trade war in the far east?
  • Political uncertainty at home?
  • What are the likely reactions of the markets to global uncertainty?
  • Does anything besides monetary policy even matter anymore? 
  • Is there a scenario where the Fed becomes hawkish?

Does it Keep you Up at Night? Making your Target Rate of Returns

  • What target rate of returns is realistic?
  • Does a target rate of return even matter in an uncertain environment?
  • How nimble can you be to adjust exposures to different asset classes in a changing environment?

Is the "Lock Up" worth it?

  • What is a reasonable fee and lockup structure for a private investment partnership?
  • What returns justify the lack of liquidity?
  • Are you considering co-investment opportunities and in what capacity?
  • How are you balancing the management of in-house versus third-party due diligence teams and activities?


Think Tank Sessions
Off-the-Record, Small-Group Round Table Conversations

Risk-Managed Equity Strategies: Growth Since the Financial Crisis

  • Pros and Cons of different strategies such as volatility control, risk parity, and other systematic hedging techniques.
  • Developments of the market and overview of its various hedging strategies.
  • Recent developments in the market with regard to next-generation product offerings.

Blockchain Pitfalls, Promise, and Peril

  • Is Buffett right? Are Cryptocurrencies a House of Cards?
  • Is cryptocurrency a viable asset class for Institutional Asset Owners?
  • What hurdles must the asset class achieve to become a part of your portfolio?

Managing the Team that Manages the Money

  • What structures have participants developed or considered for dividing responsibilities?
  • How large does an in-house research team need to be?
  • How do you best divide responsibilities? By asset class? By industry expertise?
  • How hands-on must a CIO be?

Outside Advisors and Consultants

It seems that more and more asset owners are falling into one of two camps: Outsource nearly everything to a consultant/advisor/OCIO -- or recruit top analysts and PMs to do the work in-house and if an outside advisor is used at all, it's more for operational due diligence.

  • What are the Pros/Cons of each approach?
  • For those that wish to navigate the middle, how do we find a balance?
  • How do we ensure that the advisors we engage see their roles the same way we see it?
  • When is it appropriate to replace an outside consultant?

Best Practices in Emerging Manager Selection

  • What performance advantage have emerging managers succeeded in generating?
  • What inducements - first loss arrangements, fee concessions, gap equity, etc. make seeding most compelling?
  • What is the right 'fit' qualitatively and quantitatively?
  • What are the most important characters for an emerging manager? Pedigree? Track record? Back-office support?

Advisors & Faculty

Charles Leedy Tim Smith scott-stone Ulozas_QASitecore Ryan-A.-Bailey-long.150x192

Charles Leedy
Director of Public Markets, Novant Health

Timothy Smith
President & CIO,
Petro Lucrum, Inc.

Scott Stone 
Pentegra Retirement Services

Catherine Ulozas
CIO & Vice President,
Drexel University

Ryan Bailey
Senior Investment Director,
Children’s Medical Center

Tom Tull Bryan-Lewis Kevin-Edwards Singh Julia

Tom Tull
CIO, Employees Retirement System of Texas

Bryan Lewis
CIO, Penn. State Employee's Retirement System

Kevin Edwards
Senior Investment Director, Hartford Healthcare

Ajit Singh
Cheif Investments Officer, Houston Firefighters

Julia Mord
Director of Investments, Tulane University

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Start your journey to bettering your business by contacting us directly. Accommodations will be at the Delta Hotels Dallas Allen Marriott

Andrew Johnson

(646) 502-8883



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