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What is Connex?

We provide intimate and noteworthy networking opportunities for our members to exchange high-value information, winning advice, and proven solutions.

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Why Connex Partners?

Industry leaders regularly consult with peers; however, their personal networks are often limited in size and scope—especially when it comes to leveraging others' experiences to solve their own problems. To bridge this gap, we built a community of members that operates as a giant personal network—a place where executives can ask peers at opposite sides of the country, and sometimes in entirely different industries, what works for them. We also provide access to tools that help our members implement these strategies and solutions.

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Come with questions. Leave with answers. Transform your career.

Industries We Serve

We partner with top organizations to assist our Members in solving their unique business challenges.

If you have a business solution you think may be a good fit for our Members, we'd like to hear from you.

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Come with questions.
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Transform your career.

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