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Our Professional Marketplace connects you with experienced vendors who provide strategic solutions to your most pressing business challenges. Our network of vetted Solution Partners are innovators with a track record of results.

As a Connex Member, it’s easy to find and connect with leading innovators who are making a difference in your industry. If you have a problem that you don’t know how to solve, ask Connex. If we don’t know someone who can help, the chances are someone in our network does.

Peer Recommended Vendor Search

One of the best ways of finding a great vendor is to get recommendations directly from someone that has used them. Our Member network is made up of executive leaders from some of the countries most successful organizations. We ask them to recommend those vendors they have used and that they trust and love. As such, Connex takes care of the heavy-lifting, making the vendor search process as easy as possible, putting you one step ahead in finding vendors that have proven to be able to get the job done.

Find Innovators

When faced with a business challenge, you probably already know the major players and vendors who offer a solution. But what if the best choice isn’t the obvious one? Our Solution Partner network includes a hand-selected group of the most innovative companies in the market. We focus our energy on identifying those whom your peers have validated who have specialized expertise and proven cutting-edge solutions.

Come to Connex with your issue and we do the short-listing for you, saving you time by avoiding frustrating research and sales calls. Our vendors will only be informed of your interest with your expressed permission – keeping you in control of your own success.

“Utterly unique, I’ve never attended anything before with my true peers, at my level, living with more or less the same issues. It put the value of real networking and benchmarking in a new light for me.”

– Suresh Srinivasan, Chief Technology Officer,  NYU Langone Medical Center

Interested in surrounding yourself with high-caliber professionals who are looking to grow their career and organization, collaborate on best practices, and drive actionable business solutions? You're in the right place.

Connex In Action

"As a medium-sized company, we appreciate two outstanding things: Number one, having access to potential partners that can meet our needs from an HR and Benefits standpoint. Also, getting to know those organizations – all of us get a lot of emails from vendors and it’s difficult to sort out who might be a good fit and who might not be. Connex sets up a scenario where the organization you’re about to meet has done their research on you, you’ve done your research on them, and we’ve actually found a number of organizations that we are now partnered with that have helped us with our work within HR and Benefits and within the organization as a whole. That’s one aspect. The other is the great thought leadership."

– Phillip Spearo, VP of People, Acelero Learning