Problem Solving

Beyond the Online Resource Search

Proven Solutions When You Need Them

Our Problem Solving solutions allow you to tap into community conversations with executive leaders to discover unique answers that you won’t find anywhere else. Our topics of interest are generated by our own Members based on their top-priority concerns, meaning that our discussion points are timely, relevant, and grounded in real-life challenges. The result is truly incredible and insightful conversations between peers who understand your goals and position.

Practical Advice

At Connex, we focus our energy on matching you with peers who can provide advice that is most relevant to you and your interests, eliminating the need for time-consuming research and frustration. If you have a question that needs immediate attention, our On-Demand Email Q&A will provide you with fast answers from our Membership network.

Fill The Gaps

Our Members come from well resourced organizations that have plenty of institutionalized knowledge. Nevertheless, they inevitably have areas where they have gaps in expertise and knowledge. That expertise and knowledge is available on demand in our network from people who have been there and done it. Members can ask a question, start a conversation, or share an idea with other members from our email discussion list.

Think Tanks

A small group of 10-12 peers focused on a key topic or question is a highly effective way to share knowledge and rapidly advance your understanding. We have weekly think-tanks on hot topics on everyone’s mind. These highly focused and interactive discussions give you a chance to pick each others’ brains with peers who have “been-there, done-that” experience.


As a leader you are inevitably isolated. Your subordinates think you have the answers and your superiors expect you to have them. So where do you go for independent advice from people who understand your reality. Our mentoring service pairs you up with an experienced executive who has been in your shoes. Giving you a perfect sounding board to help you succeed.

Interested in surrounding yourself with high-caliber professionals who are looking to grow their career and organization, collaborate on best practices, and drive actionable business solutions? You're in the right place.