Accelerate Your Company
and Your Career

The idea of using your network to solve business challenges is nothing new – successful professionals do this every day. However, our approach is different. Connex Partners’ executive peer-to-peer community offers you the power of an expanded professional network, with honest, real-world conversations, personalized mentoring and vendor solutions, and access to exclusive sector meetings.

Save time solving problems, discover actionable solutions that work, and build professional friendships that accelerate your company and transform your career with Connex Partners.

PLEASE NOTE:  In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, all Connex Partners Sector Meetings will be held virtually via video conferencing until further notice. Meetings will remain scheduled for their existing dates, and will include interactive, participation-focused online sessions to ensure a two-way conversation that mimics an in-person event. It is our top priority to ensure that you and your peers are able to take full advantage of Connex's executive networking community and problem solving solutions, as it is important now – moreso than ever – that we facilitate connections and build relationships that will help your organization succeed during this unprecedented occurrence. For more information about our virtual event structure, please reach out to a Connex representative.

Exclusive Community

Connect peer-to-peer with Members of our invitation-only executive network, attend exclusive events, and build relationships with vetted senior leaders like you. It’s like having your own personal advisory board!
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Professional Marketplace

Collaborate with peer-recommended Solution Partners that have been pre-vetted and matched to you based on a thorough understanding of your unique needs. Access proven strategies and solutions that you won’t find anywhere else.
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Problem Solving

Join in on insightful community conversations with our executive Members to discover answers to your most pressing business challenges. Gain practical, actionable advice when it’s most relevant to you.
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Can you get ROI from an Executive Network?

Yes! Members of Connex Partners’ Executive Network see ROI through:

  • Reduced vendor cost and risk: Mitigate risks and control vendor costs by finding the right partners
  • Improved preparedness for industry shifts: Stay informed and ahead of industry shifts and threats with real-time information from Connex Partners and peers
  • Fewer research and consulting costs: Get advice and solutions on-demand, reducing the need for costly consultants or purchasing industry reports
  • More productive conferences: Replace expensive and lengthy conferences with our intimate, targeted Sector Meetings and world-class networking

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