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The legal industry is constantly transforming. Evolving legal precedents and changing federal and state legislation means it is an industry in constant flux. With our membership networks, you don’t have to problem-solve on your own, as legal leaders share insights, lessons learned, successful strategies, and innovations.

Our peer networks are comprised of and serve the senior leadership of successful companies and firms across the nation.

As a member, we give you a safe space to discuss the challenges that are plaguing you. You have the opportunity to bring issues to your peers, many of whom have implemented (or chosen not to implement) strategies that you’re currently evaluating. This means you’ll get candid insights on best practices and pitfalls for issues you’re facing from people who have been there before, the kind of information that you won’t find by scouring the internet.

“I like the substantive topics... Great people. Love think tank style and open forums”
—Sloane Perras, Chief Legal Officer, The Krystal Company & On The Border

Our members span many sectors of the legal industry: 

  • Litigation, Risk and Compliance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Investigations
  • Outside Counsel
  • Legal Technology Foundations/Endowments

As members, C-level executives, attorneys and other legal professionals have a powerful resource at their disposal: the combined knowledge and experience of peers. Insights gained from leading executives and innovators in the legal space can be transformational.

Topics discussed by peer groups across the sectors are suggested by members themselves, addressing the most pressing issues currently facing legal executives.

Our members have recently collaborated on the below questions, and other similar issues that need to be addressed across industries and verticals.

1. How to Foster Key Industry and Regulatory Relationships

We ask many of our members what they would have done differently if they could start their career over again. The answer? They would have focused on relationship building. For some reason we only tend to focus on this type of issue when we are eligible for "credits." But isn’t this an issue vital enough that we must ensure that we are constantly reiterating their importance? After all, we are only as good as our reputation. Fostering key relationships within your industry and with regulatory representatives can only help to develop your rolodex of contacts and provide you with a larger pool of partners with which to work.

Hear from your peers about how they, build and nurture relationships with their peers, as well as how to go a step beyond ethics and professionalism by delving into the space of nurturing deeper relationships with peers and regulatory counterparts.

2. Streamlining the Contract Lifecycle Management Process

The Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) process is a struggle many in the legal profession face. We all know that implementing a sound CLM can significantly improve your efficiency and lead to noteworthy cost savings—but what intangibles can CLM bring to the table? Just how profound can CLM be to your organization? Can it help you to manage and mitigate your risk exposure? Are you better able to come to terms with sales cycles or further reduce your expenses? By understanding the full extent of what a sound CLM plan can offer, you stand to better prepare yourself to weather business-related storms.

Learn from industry peers who have faced the same challenges, including choosing the CLM system you need in order to ensure significant cost savings in your contract development processes; tackling types of contracts with which a CLM cannot assist; implementing a new CLM and streamlining that process; finding the information you need in order to ensure that you are maximizing the benefit to your organization; and leveraging CLM to help you to manage your risk exposure.

3. The Growing Prevalence of Mergers and Acquisitions: How to Handle the Integration Process

There has been a sharp increase in the amount of mergers and acquisitions over the past decade. We all know that M&As are difficult endeavors that are often more daunting than they should be. Legal professionals are all concerned with how to manage and mitigate risk exposure and ensure that the best deal is struck before the deal is signed, as well as plan for a smooth integration process post-deal. By truly understanding the full extent of what an M&A entails, legal professionals stand poised to better prepare themselves to weather M&A-related storms and ensure long-term success.

Our members help each other solve M&A-related challenges such as: What are the steps involved with the M&A process both domestically and internationally; and how can that process be streamlined? What information must you have available to you in order to ensure that you are maximizing the benefit to your organization? What are the expectations of a successful M&A and the process of post-deal integration? What does a failed integration process look like? How do you ensure a smooth transition? How do you define the value of the M&A to your organization?

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