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The Human Resources industry is constantly evolving. With our membership networks, you don’t have to problem-solve on your own as Human Resources leaders share insights, lessons learned, successful strategies, and innovations.

Our peer networks are comprised of and serve the human resources senior leadership at successful companies, in all verticals and industries across the nation.
As a member, we give you a safe space to discuss the challenges that are plaguing you. You have the opportunity to bring issues to your peers, many of whom have implemented (or chosen not to implement) strategies that you’re currently evaluating. This means you’ll get candid insights on best practices and pitfalls for issues you’re facing from people who have been there before, the kind of information that you won’t find by scouring the internet.

“Connex really does all the work for you in terms of selecting the appropriate people... We all have our own networks and peer groups, and we get fairly complacent with the networks we have had for a long time. It gives you an opportunity to do a refresh and give new people a chance to join the group of peers you chat with on a monthly basis. One of the nice things is it enables you to broaden the network.”
—Alan Wild, ‎Vice President Human Resources, Employee Relations and Engagement, IBM


As members, C-level executives have a powerful resource at their disposal: the combined knowledge and experience of peers. Insights gained from leading executives and innovators in your space can be transformational.

Topics discussed by peer groups across the sectors are suggested by members themselves, addressing the most pressing issues currently facing Human Resources executives.

Our members have recently collaborated on the below questions and other similar issues that need to be addressed.

1. How do we develop a wholistic talent management strategy?

Talent management is one of the top concerns of our members. Questions of talent attraction, talent retainment and employee engagement are keeping human resources executives up at night. Developing a multi-faceted talent management strategy is crucial in a world where job candidates have more choice than ever before and competition for highly skilled candidates is fierce.

The question is, how do you transform your current talent management program into one that elevates the level of talent you attract while increasing employee engagement and decreasing turnover? Hear from peers about solutions they’ve found for leading talent management transformations and creative ways to improve on current talent management initiatives.

 The question is, how do you control the flow of information and how do you maintain that control? Whether it’s coworkers messaging each other and the information potentially falling into the wrong hands or patients taking photos of other patients, there’s no shortage of privacy and security risks. Hear from peers about solutions they’ve found for the compliance or HIPAA nightmares of mobile devices and social media.

2. How can HR executives lead strategically?

The human resources department is taking on a larger role in the C-Suite. Almost every company of note has a Chief Human Resources Officer. Chief People Officers and Chief Employee Experience Officers are also starting to emerge at progressive companies. The future of the human resources executive is to lead strategically while lending knowledge to the company in order to increase its competitive edge and contribute to the bottom line.

Some of the questions our members strive to answer are: How do you use your voice in the C-Suite to lead HR from the top? How do you achieve buy-in for your vision from others in the C-Suite? There are numerous answers to these questions and different ways to get the outcome you need. Workshop them with your peers to get a range of perspectives and improve your strategic vision.

3. How do you prepare your company for the future through innovative succession planning?

Ten-thousand baby boomers retire every day. A company that doesn't have a succession planning initiative in place is one that may be in deep trouble in the near future. Succession planning is about more than identifying someone who can step in and takeover a role upon the "old guard" departing their positions. Identifying, mentoring, coaching, and grooming future leaders can help to encourage engagement and commitment to the organization in the long-run.

How do you identify potential future leaders? How do you nurture their talent and lay out a career path for them that will entice them to stay with the company? What resources and programs are you going to need at your disposal? Our network provides an opportunity to examine various philosophies of how to achieve successful succession planning and share perspectives on what the outcomes have been.

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