Connex Reviews Healthcare Career Insights with Lennis Thompson

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Lennis Thompson, VP & CFO, Hardin Memorial Health


Lennis Thompson, VP & CFO of Hardin Memorial Health, shared his early career insights with Connex's Peer to Peer Network.

Career Insights: “If I Knew Then, What I Know Now”

I had a CNO and my wife (who is a nurse) early on in my career as a CFO, start teaching me that the important part of healthcare is the patient. "It is not all about the numbers," they would say. "If you take care of the patients the numbers will happen."

Being a CFO, I knew the numbers were the important part of Healthcare but several years later when I became a patient, my view changed. Everything since then is patient first in my decision making.

I enjoy Healthcare and truly believe what I do every day makes a difference.