CEO Breaks the Internet With His Response to an Employee's Mental Health Day

Natasia Langfelder |


A CEO's response to an employee's mental health day went viral—here's why it matters.


Madlyn Parker, a web designer at Olark, a Michigan-based chat-software company, tweeted a screenshot of her conversation with her boss and it's gone viral. In the tweet, Parker candidly tells her co-workers that she is taking two days off for mental health reasons and hopes to come back to work the following week refreshed and ready to get down to business.

The reason the tweet is going viral is because of what happened next. Olark CEO, Ben Congleton, responded to Parker, thanking her for her transparency and stressing the need for employers to support their employees mental health.


This isn't just viral content—here's why it matters: Mental health is the greatest driver of employer healthcare spend.

In 2015, the United States spent $113 billion on mental health treatment, and with the future of healthcare up in the air; that number is only going to increase. In America, mental healthcare is expensive, hard to access and stigmatized. Employers want their workforce to be as healthy as possible in order to be as productive as possible in the workplace. The stigma surrounding mental illness shouldn't be a barrier to employers stepping in to help facilitate care—both for the good of the employee and the good of the company.

Congleton's response has really resonated with people. Here are how people on Twitter are reacting to Parker's tweet: 

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