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Your Most Powerful Resource:

The Combined Knowledge and Expertise of Peers

The Human Resource industry is constantly evolving as employees expect more from their employers. But Connex Members don’t have to problem-solve on their own. Our HR Members share insights, lessons learned, and successful strategies to drive transformative change at their companies. These Human Resources leaders benefit from the shared experience and innovations of their peers in intimate, collaborative settings online and in-person.

Most importantly, our Members care about the same things you do, such as how to develop a holistic talent management strategy, how can HR lead strategically, and how to prepare your company through innovative succession planning.

Our diverse but exclusive selection of senior leadership executives will make finding strategic solutions to your greatest business challenges efficient and enjoyable.

Our Human Resources executive Members are comprised of senior leadership from major institutions from all verticals,  including:



  • Financial/Banking

  • Healthcare

  • Technology

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Media

  • Manufacturing


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“Connex really does all the work for you in terms of selecting the appropriate people... We all have our own networks and peer groups, and we get fairly complacent with the networks we have had for a long time. It gives you an opportunity to do a refresh and give new people a chance to join the group of peers you chat with on a monthly basis…it enables you to broaden the network.”

– Alan Wild, ‎Vice President Human Resources, Employee Relations and Engagement, IBM

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