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The Healthcare industry is constantly transforming as governmental policies change and patients’ demands evolve. But Connex Members don’t have to problem-solve on their own. Our Healthcare Members share insights, lessons learned, successful strategies, and innovations in intimate, collaborative settings online and in-person. These C-suite executives in Healthcare have a powerful resource at their disposal: the combined knowledge and experience of peers.

Our Healthcare Members are comprised of senior leadership from major institutions including:

  • Health Systems

  • Integrated Delivery Networks

  • Hospitals

  • Physician Practices

  • Academic Medical Centers

  • Accountable Care Organizations

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To bring you the most up-to-date and important content for your senior leadership needs, our Healthcare Members span three sectors of the healthcare industry:

Innovation, Technology, and Security

Innovation, Technology, and Security focuses on the internal operations of keeping employees and patients safe, keeping compliance in check, and any vulnerabilities your organization may face from the outside world. Some questions these CIOs, CTO, and other titles may be asking include:

How can healthcare technology keep up with the increasing demand for patient control of information?

How do I address vendor compliance and vulnerabilities in healthcare?

Our Members in Innovation, Technology, & Security have answers to those questions, and collaborate to strategize on future plans.

Finance & Revenue Cycle

From yearly budgeting to financial stability, our Finance & Revenue Cycle sector dives deep into all the questions that keep CFOs and VPs of Revenue Cycle up at night. Our Members hold the key to success in improving practices to keep your organization growing, and other questions such as:

How can my organization transition to population health management without jeopardizing financial sustainability?

Am I prepared for healthcare mergers and acquisitions?

Members meet to proactively dialogue about the future of their organizations, keeping them one step ahead of financial roadblocks.

Operational Excellence

Chief Executive and Operational Officers will get the most impact from our Operational Excellence sector. At the core of this group are those constantly thinking about the big picture, making sure each piece of the puzzle is aligned with the overall goal of the organization. Members of this sector bring strategies to the table on topics like:

What impact does the growing corporatization of hospitals have on managing my healthcare organization?

How can my healthcare organization better manage the under and uninsured?

The shared experiences and leadership levels of Members in this sector make it easy to share constructive ideas and successes.

“I used to go to things like HFMA meetings, Hospital Association, Hospital Trustee Association, trade things; I don’t even waste my time with those things anymore. Connex either knows someone who does what I am looking for or finds them for me.”

– Lee Boles, CFO, Hunt Regional Healthcare

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