With our Fireside Chat series, we aim to uncover how pioneering HR executives are overcoming these universal human capital management challenges. Each session has a unique focus and involves an HR executive who is leading the way in that area, providing you with best practice insights that you can use within your own organization.

These exclusive events are only open to Connex Members, and those that join our Fireside Chats live have the opportunity to put their questions directly to the experts. Members can also catch up on past events below.

Upcoming Fireside Chats

NAVIGATING A TALENt-constrained world

This discussion will explore the ways in which HR is evolving following a shift in CEO, Board, and regulatory expectations of the function. More specifically, it will explore how talent is expected to drive the business; how that talent can be better-activated to achieve its full potential; and how to navigate that process amidst recessionary pressures, both real and perceived.

SUBJECT: Navigating a Talent-Constrained World
DATE: Thursday, June 8th at 1pm EDT

Discover past Fireside Chats

People don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad managers.

Your managers are responsible for balancing relationships and results - so if you’re employing bad managers, it’s likely to be seriously affecting your organization’s ability to achieve its objectives. But how are bad managers created, and more importantly, what does a truly successful manager look like?

Accenture’s Senior Manager of Employee Experience Transformation, Kamaria Scott, has been focusing on developing excellent managers for some time now. In her exclusive Fireside Chat with Connex, she shares her three pillars for success - perspective, practice and community - as well as practical advice for ensuring your managers and their teams are thriving.


In this exclusive Q&A, Kamaria shares her insight on:  

    • Why we need to go beyond training to develop great leaders
    • How to define what success looks like for managers
    • How to ensure managers and their teams thrive
    • How creating a community of managers can contribute to success

How employees work has evolved - now it’s time to transform how they learn

When you empower employees to learn in ways that work for them, they can confidently progress within your company rather than seek development opportunities elsewhere. But how can you personalize your learning and development approach when each member of your team has unique career aspirations?

In this fascinating Fireside Chat, we’re talking about delivering a tailored learning and development experience for every employee with PwC’s Chief Learning Officer, Leah Houde. She shares how PwC is enhancing its employee experience with its My+ program, a new approach to learning and development that enables personalized employee growth at every level.  

Watch our exclusive Q&A with Leah to learn: 

  • Why it’s crucial to provide personalized learning experiences
  • How to tailor your L&D strategy to your team’s aspirations
  • The impact this approach has on the employee experience and retention levels
  • How technology can enable and encourage personalized learning

How can HR leaders enhance the employee experience when every employee wants something different?

While the millennials in your team might want your organization to provide them with wellbeing support, the generation above them may simply be focusing on their 401(k). The truth is that every employee will need something different to feel truly satisfied in their work - so how can you make sure you retain your top talent?

Get inspiration from your senior HR peers and employee engagement experts Achievers in our virtual discussion exclusively for Connex Members. We’ll connect you with your peers and facilitate a lively discussion around topics such as empowering managers, supporting career progression and providing workplace wellbeing support, so you can build a benefits package that engages every employee.

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Join the discussion to learn:

    • What employees really want from your organization
    • How your peers are working to retain their top talent
    • How to prioritize employee engagement to delight your team


Discover the most important skill for HR leaders in the post-pandemic world.

A lot has changed in the past few years and the world is more competitive than it has ever been. In order to make an impact, HR leaders need to be building the leadership skills that are needed in our changing, often uncertain environment.

Watch our discussion with Denis Leclerc, Professor of Cross-Cultural Communication and Global Negotiations at Thunderbird School of Global Management, to discover why ‘negotiation as a skill’ is the #1 critical attribute of effective leadership in a fast-paced, post-pandemic economy.

Watch our exclusive Q&A interview with Denis, in which he explores:

  • The importance of negotiation as a skill
  • How the art of negotiation enables HR leaders and their teams to achieve their goals
  • How negotiatory leadership is more important than ever in an ever-evolving, post-pandemic and hybrid working world


It's time for HR leaders to make total rewards a strategic priority.

Whether you’re striving to recruit fresh talent or retain your best employees, taking a total rewards approach has never been more important. Employees are choosing to stay or leave companies based on the tangible and intangible benefits they can offer them. Join our discussion with David Giesman, VP of Global Total Rewards at Designer Brands, to discover how he evolved the company’s total rewards strategy to achieve ‘Culture 3.0’, an elevated culture fit for the new era of hybrid working.


Watch our exclusive Q&A interview with David, in which he explores:

    • Why total rewards became a strategic priority during the pandemic.
    • How collaborating with colleagues outside of HR can help you to provide the benefits employees really want
    • Why it’s so important to be strategic rather than tactical when implementing programs
    • How to measure the value of your total rewards strategy beyond hard dollars and data


Every day we're bombarded with stories about the Great Resignation.

As an HR leader, it’s impossible to escape the headline-grabbing stats and unprecedented employee turnover rates. But as with any phenomenon, the media portrayal is often simplistic and misleading. Ian Cook, VP of People Analytics at Visier, joins us to dispel the hype with his pioneering work on HR data.

Watch our exclusive session with People Data pioneer Ian Cook, in which he explores: 

  • The disconnect between the media portrayal and reality on the ground
  • The key drivers behind the Great Resignation according to Visier’s data
  • How to build practical, data-driven strategies for addressing staffing challenges
  • How to start your organization’s people analytics journey and build a people analytics function
  • Why the Great Resignation will change the future of work.
Ian also answers a number of questions from your executive peers, giving you further insight into the staffing challenges facing HR leaders today and how to overcome them.

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