Exclusive Community

Networking in a New Light

Build Relationships with World-Class Executives

Our Exclusive Community is an invitation-only network of vetted senior executives in the Healthcare, Human Resources, and Employee Benefits fields. Our network is consultant- and vendor- free, allowing you to strategically build relationships and find answers from experienced industry professionals.

We limit the size of each community with strict criteria based on one’s organization and role in order to maximize the quality of conversations and relationships.

Peer Benchmarks & Advice

It’s often said that we need to learn from each other’s mistakes, as we don’t have time to make them all ourselves. Our Members and Solution Partners are made up of senior executives from various industries that know what works, and what doesn’t. We focus our energy on matching you with peers who can provide advice that is most relevant to you and your interests. If you have a unique problem, we’ll introduce you to the right Member who has experienced similar circumstances.

Our intimate and personal network allows us to facilitate real connections and dialogue with leaders who have faced similar challenges. Reduce frustration and wasted time – go right to the source of learned expertise through your Connex peer network.

Networking Events

We offer a range of intimate, peer-led Sector Meetings across various topics in the Healthcare, Human Resources, and Employee Benefits fields. We turn the traditional expensive, lengthy networking event on its head, preferring to design each meeting around the specific needs of our attendees.

Typically capped at 60 attendees, our meetings place a heavy emphasis on participation to help curate the conversations that are seldom had in large private formats. This ensures that our participants get candid, proven insights into best practices and common pitfalls. Through small group think tanks, panel discussions, networking sessions, and one-on-one meetings, Members leave with actionable wisdom, new business friendships, and clear solutions to accelerate their businesses and careers.

"I have found Connex to be incredibly personal, more personable than other organizations I’ve dealt with. I really enjoy the format of the meetings, it’s not a cattle drive, it’s more, get-to-know you, understand what your needs are, and then see if we can find some vendors that might fit inside those needs. It certainly is a completely different scenario, and because of that I continue to go to Connex even though I don’t have time for any other organization."

– Kerry Gillespie, CFO - Specialty Based Care, Intermountain Healthcare

Interested in surrounding yourself with high-caliber professionals who are looking to grow their career and organization, collaborate on best practices, and drive actionable business solutions? You're in the right place.

Connex In Action

"You want be part of something that is well organized both in terms of the people you are going to network with and the subjects you talk about. Connex does the hard work for you by taking the time to understand what you are focused on and where you have problems and then connecting you to the appropriate people in their network to talk to. 

So when I take a couple of days to attend one of their events the pre-work they do means you can be guaranteed that having taken a day or two out of the office I am going to have at least two or three people it's worth having a follow up conversations with and I have a couple of new ideas for us to explore and and look at implementing then you can't really ask for much more than that."

– Alan Wild, Vice President Employee Relations and Engagement, IBM