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“Consider the whole person”: Inside a successful DEI strategy

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies in companies across the globe came under the microscope in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. At Xerox, a long history of considering DEI in its HR practices laid the groundwork for an agile response. Under Suzan Morno-Wade’s leadership, the company embraced ‘a higher consciousness’: the idea that there is no single right way to approach DEI, but that each individual should be considered for the whole complexity of their experience.

“It’s not charity”: The power of cognitive diversity

Companies across all industries are waking up to the fact that in most roles, it pays to have people who think differently from one another. But as Bryan Gill - JP Morgan Chase’s new Global Head of Neurodiversity - knows, it’s not just as simple as recruiting individuals who describe themselves as neurodivergent. A sophisticated HR strategy is required to assess candidates and support neurodiversity in existing roles. One of the first things companies can do is adjust their hiring practices.