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Grow your career at Connex Partners.

Connex Partners is looking for hardworking and passionate individuals who are focused on making an immediate impact on a growing company. Our highly entrepreneurial and fast-paced environment is ideal for candidates who are meticulous, team players, quick witted, and of course, have a great attitude.

At Connex Partners, we not only strive to elevate the careers of our clients, but our employees as well. We support your development by providing hands-on-training and mentorship and recognizing your successes. We value our employees, providing unlimited vacation time, comprehensive health and benefits plans, and a professional environment that fosters a healthy work-life balance.

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"Connex Partners is the perfect mix of challenge, fun, and innovation led by a team of experienced and nurturing Partners who value input equitably, from the youngest to the most seasoned employee, knowing that sustaining growth begins with a healthy foundation."

- Robert Patteri, Senior Vice President, Strategy


New York

For thirteen years, Connex Partners has helped some of the country's largest and most successful Enterprise Organizations solve problems through a unique approach that will change you, reward you and have you saying, "bring on the orders, I love my work!"

Is this you?

We are looking for individuals who like to have fun, work smart and want a career in enterprise business to business sales. Whether you are fresh out of college, a parent returning to the workforce or a professional looking for a change, Connex Partners might be the home for you... if you can look in the mirror and honestly answer yes to the following questions:

  • Can you comfortably talk to Senior Executives without sweating?
  • Can you manage a complex calendar without paint by numbers?
  • Can you write a business email without using a lifeline?
  • Can you pull a tractor full of rejections with your teeth in order to reach the goal?
  • Can you take a fun jab from a co-worker?

You're Movin' On Up!

We want collaborative motivators who are looking to grow and reach new heights. Our paid Leadership Excellence Program will give you a place next to one of the firm's partners. With hands-on-training and mentoring, the speed of your transition into a more complex and autonomous senior sales role will be determined by your aptitude for leadership and your sales results.

Are you still being honest to the mirror?...

  • Market research and lead research best practices.
  • Developing prospecting workflows, cold calling, email engagement, etc.
  • Developing industry-specific knowledge to enhance lead sourcing and engagement with prospects.
  • Verbal sales and persuasion skill development.
  • Effective email communication and business proposal development.
  • Building and managing a prospect pipeline that delivers consistent results.

But Wait There's More...

  • Quick-witted and independent thinker who can synthesize information quickly and accurately.
  • Must possess a high degree of organization, with the ability to prioritize multiple assignments.
  • A competitive entrepreneurial mindset, approach and strong independent work ethic.
  • Strongly motivated by continual development, rapid career advancement, and earning.
  • Plays well with others!

Relax! Sales Can Be Fun!

With the right talent, skills, training and tools, who needs micro-managing? NO ONE! And to that, a challenging and encouraging environment that supports your development and recognizes your success and you have a dream sales job with a healthy work-life balance.

Show Me The Money!

A competitive base salary that rapidly increases based on performance, uncapped commissions and bonuses for meeting individual and team targets and marketing goals. We also provide unlimited vacation time, comprehensive individual and family health and benefits plans.

Please Apply... We'd Love to Meet You...

This is a full-time position with the opportunity to telecommute from your home office, work in our New York Headquarters or a little of both. Flexible scheduling of work hours is expected once hire completes a probationary introductory period. Recent graduates are encouraged to apply. All resumes will be reviewed in a timely fashion, and qualified candidates will be contacted within one week of application.

Please submit an up-to-date resume and cover letter that clearly states why you would be a good fit for this opportunity via email. In the subject line, please reference "Sales & Leadership Program - NYC ." EMAIL RESUMES TO: