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A Quick Chat with Connex's Alex Chard on the Importance of Peer Groups

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I recently had the opportunity to talk with Alex Chard of The Connex Group about the importance of building and maintaining Connex Peer Groups. Here's a look at what Alex had to say.


Katie Willard: How do you expect your role will add value to these Peer Groups? What are you doing to ensure that?[pullquote]It is so important being able to connect with your peers, to discuss openly about those key issues that are driving your organization in today’s ever changing environment, that if you have the time to attend more of their peer meetings, you should; simply because of the quality of people and organizations that either have found a solution or can advise on what pathways not to take. -Mr. Raymond C. Chase, VP of Revenue Management, CHI St. Joseph's Hospital[/pullquote]

Alex Chard:  Industry Executives are extremely busy individuals and the prospect of spending time out of the office, and getting a nominal amount of value – just won’t cut it! My role is to bring out the best in those individuals and to ensure that the discussion that they have is as forward-facing, engaging and beneficial to them as possible. With that said – getting to that point is the tricky part. Over the course of nearly 6 months – I work hand-in-hand with our distinguished Members who help to frame the focus of our Peer Groups and build the basis for collecting those pearls of wisdom for our Member base.


Katie Willard: That actually leads me to my next question. As a Consultant at the Connex Group - How do you view the impact that Connex Peer Groups have on Industry Executives and their ongoing development – both as professionals, and also as representatives of their organizations?

Alex Chard: As someone who has worked in the conference industry – the difference between what I did in my former life – and the work that I have been doing with regards to industry peer groups – is remarkable! It’s really difficult for me to overstate the quality of the individuals and organizations that I’ve had the opportunity to work with of late. These are industry gurus with incredibly deep reserves of knowledge and a profound understanding of what moves the needle in their respective verticals – so having the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with them is extremely gratifying and very humbling at the same time.

I’ve been lucky enough to see first-hand the importance of these peer groups and I can attest to their significance. Too often industry Executives are hobbled by being the ‘smartest person in the room’ – often times to their own detriment as they aren’t offered the opportunity to learn as much as they teach. That isn’t the case with peer groups – since the whole concept is predicated around bringing like-minded individuals with comparable responsibility sets together to learn from each other, share war stories and best practices, and spend some time networking. You can see the difference in peoples’ eyes when they leave on the last day – it’s like they were standing alone in a dark room, we flipped on the lights and now they realize they aren’t alone!


Katie Willard: Any final thoughts to share with our Members?

Alex Chard: Absolutely! At the end of the day, with Peer Groups - like most things in life – you get out what you put in. So if you have a great story to tell or a compelling series of experiences to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out so we can discuss how we can get you involved going forward!

Alex Chard, Director of Content and Programming: Healthcare & Legal, The Connex Group
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