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Bruce Daise: Career Planning Tips for Young Attorneys

bruce_daise VP, Deputy General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer, H&R Block


Bruce Daise, VP, Deputy General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer of H&R Block, recently shared with the Connex Chronicle his most important career planning tips for young attorneys.

Career Insights: "If I knew then, what I know now"

As I was getting ready to finish law school and start my legal career (in yet to be determined ways), I started hearing people talk more and more about the fact that law school teaches you how to think but doesn't teach you how to be a lawyer. I found this to be so true and perhaps even more so when you become an in-house attorney.

My career would have been much less bumpy if I had learned earlier to:

  • Focus as much (or more) on relationships outside the legal department as within
  • Truly learn and understand how corporations function and get things done
  • Manage internal politics, it doesn't have to be negative
  • Focus on execution – great ideas are tough to come by but executing on those ideas is even harder

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