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[Video] Kenneth Finneran on Living Corporate Sustainability

Kenneth Finneran, Chief People Officer – Americas for Hellmann Worldwide Logistics explains his organization's efforts to promote corporate sustainability at The Connex Group’s HR/Benefits Sector Meeting in Denver, CO in February 2014.



"[Sustainability] is one of our core components. The “l” in our “family,” which is our core DNA around that acronym, is for “live sustainability,” and we are all about that. That is of course including economic sustainability so, if you will, profitability. It’s also about environmental sustainability, so thinking green, and we've done a lot of initiatives around that.

Our industry isn't particularly known for being a green industry, and we’re at the forefront of the thought leadership in that area; a signatory to the United Nations global compact about good people practices, compliance practices, and of course environmental practices and then the societal “give back,” so, being a valued member in the communities in which we live and work.

And the changes we've implemented, even since hearing some of the thoughts from companies in many cases much larger than us, have gone in the area of “let’s make sure it’s a grassroots initiative.” The way that these become truly sustainable are when they are coming from our employee base and not just from whatever the executives think should be the “preferred” charity, etc—also taking some of the best practices around how do we involve folks in more volunteer opportunities, so taking a Starbucks model, or some of the other models that we've heard, and really taking them to say "you’ll get an extra day for volunteer activity." Those are just a couple of the examples that we've implemented in our organization that contribute to that long-term sustainability."

Ken Finneran is a frequent best-practices contributor to the Connex Human Resources Sector.

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